Helping Your Cat Feel Comfortable To And At The Vet

It's 6:00 pm, you have an appointment at the vet for 6:30pm, and you've been trying for the last hour to get your cat into the carrier. You've been hissed at twice, bitten once and have at least a couple of scratches on your arms.

Most, if not all cats hate going to the vets. Immediately when they see that carrier come out they remember the last appointment. Below are a list of techniques that are quite effective in helping your kitty get to and feel comfortable at the doctor.

a cat by her cage getting ready to go to the vet

Bella As A Kitten By Her Carrier



Use The Cat Carrier For Other Trips Than Just Visits To The Vet

Our cats have great memories, and if the carrier is only used to take them to their docter appointments that is what they will associate it with. So go for a couple of short innocent car rides.

Take the Carrier Out In advance

Take the carrier out a day or two before the scheduled appointment. Give your cat a chance to sniff it and check it out. Our cat Bella loves to take a nap in her carrier a day or two before an appointment, it helps to makes her feel a bit more comfortable.

Treats, Treats and More Treats

Place some of your cat's favourite healthy treats in the carrier. This will entice your cat to go into the carrier; however this doesn't always work, especially the second or third time around. Our cats are very smart and will remember that you used this "trick" the last appointment, so enjoy this technique meanwhile it lasts.Although treats are a great way to entice and reward your cat, it is important to give your cat healthy nutritous treats, to find out how to choose a healthy treat for your cat read Cat Treats Can Be A Healthy Addition To Your Cat's Diet

Pet and Talk To Your Cat

Gently pet and talk to your cat in a calm reassuring tone. Spend some time before the appointment peting and rubbing your cat on his/her favorite spots, whether it be on the tummy, around the neck area or under the chin, the goal is to get your cat feeling comfortable and calm before attempting to place him or her in the carrier.

Now Your Cat's in The Carrier....Hopefully

Drive Carefully

Keep in mind that cat's also get motion sickness and are not used to all the bumps in the road.

Calming Talk To and Praise Your Cat In The Waiting Area

Meanwhile waiting for your appointment, hopefully it's not a long wait, continue to loving praise and reassure your cat. Your cat is used to your voice and only you can offer the support he/she needs through your tone.

Wait In The Car If The Waiting Area Is Too Noising

If there are dogs barking or there are alot of people waiting, inform the secretary that you will be waiting in the car. This will help to keep your cat calm.

Keep The Door Closed Through Out The Appointment

Although you've done a great job at keeping your cat calm, your cat might still jump out of the carrier once it's open and run to hide,this has happened to us. Make sure that the door is kept closed throughout the appointment, until your kitty is safely back in the carrier

Stay With Your Cat Through Out The Appointment

Throughout the entire appointment continue to stay by your cat's side, petting and reassuring him/her. You may also need to play the role of assistant to help your cat continue to feel comfortable. Remember those treats you brought along, this may be a great time to give your cat some. During the appointments\ your cat may shed excessively and may even use the docter's table as a litter, so be prepared to help clean up.

After The Appointment

After the appointment pet and praise your cat,wow, you've made it through another docter's appointment.

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