Cat Pregnancy Signs And Caring For A Pregnant Cat

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Cat Pregnancy Signs

Your cat has been eating a bit more, gaining a bit of weight, and even throwing up a bit,and she isn't spayed, could she be pregnant? To determine if your cat is pregnant, there are several signs that can help determine whether or not you will need to prepare to welcome kittens into your home.

Similar to humans, a pregnant cat will began to gain weight, especially in her stomach, and will also began to eat more than she normally does. Your cat's nipples will also increase in size becoming a more vibrant pink colour, preparing to feed her newborn kittens.

During cat pregnancy do cat's experience the dreaded morning sickness? Yes some do, your pregnant cat may sometimes throw up, especially in the early stages of her pregnancy. Although your cat can not pee on a stick to confirm pregnancy, at around three to four weeks your vet can do a physical examination to confirm that your cat is expecting.

Cat Pregnany Care

Cat pregnancy, also calld the gestation period, usually lasts between 57 to 70 days,during this time your cat will require some extra attention. First your cat will need to go to the vet for a prenatal check up both at the beginning and later into the preganacy. Hopefully you were already feeding your cat a premium high quality cat food, if not you will slowly need to switch to one. During cat pregnancy many vets will advice you to switch to a brand of kitten food,which is higher in calcium and vitamins, especially later in the pregnancy.

Your kitten's main source of nutrition for a couple of weeks will come from their mother, therefore you will want your cat to have a well balanced nutritious diet. Premuim wet cat food has more moisture and protein than dry food, so it's a great food choice for your pregnant cat, even if it's in combination with dry food.Your vet will help you decided the best feeding plan for your cat.

Exercise and play time is still important during your cat's prenancy, although your cat will naturally gain weight, you don't want your cat to become obese,so continue to engage in short but regular play sessions with cat toys.

If your cat is an outdoor cat, we would advice keeping your cat indoors,expecially during the last three weeks of pregnancy. Although most people know that a pregnant cat should never be vaccinated,you should also be aware that you shouldn't vaccinate any other cats that are in the household, it is possible for the virus in an alive vaccine to affect your pregnant cat's fetuses,which may be fetal.

If you find that your cat is scratching herself alot and you suspect fleas, do not buy over the counter flea medication, some of these can be harmful to your pregnant cat, only use a flea medication that is prescribed by your cat's vet.

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The Babies Are Coming

During the last week or two before your cat has her kittens, she will begin to prepared a nest for her babies. She will spend some time making the bedding just perfect for her new bundle. She will become quite restless and spend most of her time in the nesting area. Your cat will begin to cry or even howl,and you may notice drops of milk coming from her nipples.

Your cat should be in a quiet room, with very dim lighting,away from the other household pets and family members. A kittening box,usually a cardboard box, with clean blankets should be made available for the birth of her kittens. Fresh food and water should be made easily accessible to your cat.As your cat begins to give birth, she will pant heavily, after each kitten is born she will lick and clean her baby.

Pregnant cats also eat the after birth, as humans this does not sound appetizing, but it contains important nutrients that is benefically to her health.Allow your cat to go through the whole birthing progress which may take anywhere from 2-5 hours.

If you notice any type of green or black discharge, smell a foul a strong odor,if your cat looks sick and/or hasn't eaten or drink for 24 hours,if she's in intense labour for more than an 30 minutes but no kitten is coming, if she's howling in pain for an extended period of time;about an hour, or any sign that gives you a gut feeling that somethings wrong, call your vet.

Although you will be very excited after the birth of these adorable kittens, you shouldn't pick up or handle the babies too much for about a week or two. To find out what to expect after cat pregnancy and at each stage of development of your kittens, read Newborn Kittens Development.

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