Is Your Cat In Heat? Signs And Ways To Calm Your Cat

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If you've every seen a cat in heat you would have observe just how unhappy and uncomfortable she looked.If your cat is not spayed and she is more than 4 months old, there's a huge chance that you will experience what's it like to have a cat in heat in your home.

A female cat can stay in heat, also called estrus, for 4-6 days repeating every two to three weeks, until you cat has either been spayed, the removal of her ovaries and uterus, or becomes pregnant.Here are a list of clear signs to detemine if your kitty is in heat.

Advertising Her Fertility

When a cat is in heat, her number one goal is to find a male cat to mate with. In a effort to let male cats know that she is in heat, she will call out with a loud howl. This howl is very distinct and different form other sounds you have heard her make.

Cats usually use their different sounds as a way to commuicate to their human friends, however this particular howl is designed as a way to commuincate to possible male mating partners. A cat in heat will howl throughout the house, but especially at the windows or doors.

As a child when our cat went into heat, she went into heat a bit earlier than my parent's expected and was later spayed, she would sit by our sliding doors that led to the backyard and howl for hours. This howl will continue until your cat has either mated or until she comes out of heat.

Rubing Against Everything

Most cat owners would agree thst cats love to be petted and rubbed, they will litterally jump over chairs and unto your bed to get their daily petting. A cat in heat however will rub against everyone and everything in your home all day long, this includes other pets in the house.She will push her face, body and bottom against you, insisting that you rub and soothe her.Your usually independent cat will become very needy and overly affectionate, constantly demanding your attention.

Her Body Position

A cat in heat will place her body in a position called lordosis. When she is in this postion she will lay down and lift her bottom in the air by standing on the toes of her back feet. She will then move her tail over to the side preparing herself for mating.

Your cat will sometimes move her body around on the floor in this postion crying or howling.She will also stand up and walk around the house pushing her tail to the side. She may also lay on the floor rolling over on her stomach and back repeatedly in order to gain some type of comfort.

Bodily Fluids

If your cat is in heat, you may notice that she is urinating significantly more than she used. You may also notice,during the times that she is pushing her bottom against you,that a clear liquid discharge is coming from her vaginal area, which usually happens after she has been in heat for an extended time.

How To Help Your Cat

First I would like to say that right after your cat is no longer in heat,you should take her to the vet to get spayed. A cat in heat is not a happy cat, unless you are a preofessional breeder and your cat is getting the relief from mating, it is unnessecary to let her go through this type of discomfort.

During the heat cycle your cat will require and demand lots of extra physical attention. Therefore increase the petting sessions, lots of rubbing and massages to try and soothe your cat. During this time you should also increase active play sessions, keep your cat active and busy. Consider taking your cat to the vet, especially if your cat is in heat for more than a couple of days, your vet can give your cat a hormonal injection.

To find out how to make your cat's trip to the vet more comfortable, visit Ways To Make The Vet Trip Less Stressful.

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