A List Of Important Questions To Ask Your Vet

When searching for a vet you should always have a list of questions to ask your vet. Finding a veterinarian is one of the most important parts of caring for your cat. Your vet is your main source of information when it comes to your cat's health. Each vet is unique, depending on your personal preference; you may prefer a small office with one vet , or a large multi vet office with high tech equipment. When searching for a vet, diligently research and ask lots of questions, you are your cat's primary caregiver, so it's important that you find a vet that you can have an open line of communication with.

Below is a list of questions to ask your vet.

Do they have emergency services or are they connected to a clinic that does?

In case of an emergency does your veterinarian have an on call number where he/she can be reached, or is there a clinic that they work with that does.This is of great importance when it comes to questions to ask your vet, because in an emergency you want to make sure that your cat needs will me immediately met.

How long have you been in practice?

Don't be shy to ask how long they have been practicing. When searching for a family doctor for myself I like to know how experienced they are and if their not, are they working with an experienced doctor, why not expect the same from your cat's veterinarian?

What is the procedure if my pet needs your help and your on vacation, does another vet replace you?

This is One of the most very important questions to ask your vet. You want to make sure that if your regular vet is off and there is an emergency, you can still get access to your cat's health information.

Is The Waiting Area For Cats and Dogs The Same

Most cats are already nervous about going to the vets, staring at a big scary dog through their carrier doesn't help to calm their nerves. If the rooms aren't separate are the appointments set in a way that your cat isn't in a waiting area with Rex the pit-bull. Meeting a new vet,or even going to see their regular doctor, can be very stressful on your cat,although it's important to have a list of questions to ask your vet, it is also important to help your cat feel comfortable at the vet here are some tips on making that trip to and at the doctor less stressful on your cat.

Does the Vet do home visits?

This service comes in handy on those days when your kitty is refusing to go into the carrier. If they don't offer home visits are they connected with a clinic or a veterinarian that does.

What Is Their Hours Of Operation

Does there hours fit into your schedule. Do they open on the weekends or have extended evening hours?


This is also a good time to do some price checking, find out how much they charge for yearly check ups and vaccinations. If you want a detail list of their cost request that a copy be sent to your email. Cat health insurance may be able to help with veterinary expenses, to find out more read Cat Health Insurance: Pros And Cons.

Can I Have A Tour Of Your Facility

It is important to go and check out the facility before making a decision. Any clinic should be happy to give you a tour around.

What Services Do They Offer? Example; Grooming, Ultra Sound Testing, X-rays

It's a good idea to find out what they have to offer, in case you require these services in the future. If they don't offer these services, are they connected to a clinic that does or have a list of recommended clinics that do.

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