Cat Health Insurance: Pros and Cons

Should I get cat health insurance? As cat owners this is a question we have pondered, especially when we go to our cat's vet and see all those decorative brochures. Those brochures sitting right at the front advertising many different insurance policies not just for cats, but pets in general. So is cat insurance necessary or is it just a waste of your hard earn dollars? Below we will examine both the pros and cons of purchasing health insurance for your cat.

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Veterinary Bills Can Be Expensive

Although your cat yearly check up at the vets might not require you to take out a loan, in a serious emergency where your cat requires extensive medical treatment, your vet bill can easily be $1000 or more. Pet owners have sometimes had to make the very sad decision to euthanize their pet because they couldn't afford the cost associated with treatment. Cat health insurance plans help to cover those cost, after the deductible, in case of such an emergency. For some easy simple ways to find a vet in your area read Cat Veterinarian: Finding Your Cat's Doctor.

Premiums Are Relatively Inexpensive

Although you do have to pay a monthly premium, cat health insurance premiums usually ranges from $15 to $40 monthly. The cost depends on many different factors; the company, the deductible, what's included in your policy, etc. It requires some online search and even offline to find the one that fits into your budget and meets your cat's needs.

Provides Peace Of Mind

The major selling point of all insurance companies is the," offers peace of mind." In the case of an emergency you know that even if you don't have the cash in the bank, you do need the deductible, that your cat's medical needs will be taken care of.

Some Cover Vet Visits, It Protects Your Curious Cat

As cat owner, we know that our cat's love looking for trouble. Whether it's tasting that new litter you brought, or climbing up and nibbling on that house plant you tried to hide, their just curious by nature. Some health insurance companies cover vet visits and veterinary services like x-rays, MRI,and blood test. So If you need to use these special veterinary services and don't have the money to cover the cost, if your plan includes it then your covered.

Older Cats

As your cat get's older they may require more medical attention. Many companies cover treatment for the different illnesses your cat may develop with age. As cats get older and enter their golden years, they may beginning to experience health problems associated with aging, to find out more about senior cat's health problems and treatment options read Common Elderly Cat Health Problems.

Lists Of Cons


Restriction On Coverage

Many companies have restrictions on coverage, such as; no cats with pre-existing conditions, no elderly cats. Some procedures may also not be covered. It's important to examine what procedures and veterinary services the company covers.

The Deductible

Most plans come with a deductible either per year or per claim. The deductible may be a set amount or dependent on the amount of the claim.

Most Don't Cover Routine Treatments

Most cat health insurance company do not cover routine treatments such as vaccinations, flea treatments, de-worming, so this expense will have to be paid by you in addition to your monthly premiums.

Claim Denied

Like with any insurance company, there are cases where your claim may be denied. This can be very frustrating for pet owners, so it's important to review your policy and be clear on the procedures they do cover.

Scam Companies

There are some pet health companies out there that are simply out to take your money without covering any of your claims. Be very diligent in your search and use a company with a good reputation.

Lots Of Fine Print

Even with the best company there are a lot of fine prints that you need to read. If you are not aware of them, these fine prints could easily become a problem when your making a claim.

What To Look For In A Cat Health Insurance Provider

  • One that offers insurance to cats of all ages

  • You get to choose your own veterinarian
  • Suited to the medical care your cat needs
  • Has a good reputation; read reviews online about the company
  • Fixed Premiums and Deductibles
  • Limitless Accident Protection
  • Short wait time for reimbursement
  • Maximum annual payout

Another Option To Cat Health Insurance

If you have decided that this type of insurance is not the best option for you and your cat, there is another method that can help you with your cat's future medical expenses. Creating a savings account and having your bank automatically take out a certain amount each pay check, can help to build up emergency cash. Just in case your curious, this is the method we have been using for years, however depending on your own preferance health insurance can also be a good option.

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