Cute And Funny Cat Videos

If you're a cat owner you already know that cats can do some of the cutest and funniest things, so we went searching for some cute and funny cat vidoes that we loved and wanted to share.

Our cats are always surprising us by doing some of the cutest things, like going to the front door and crying when either myself or my husband come home later than expected from work, jumping up on the bed if either of us are sick and cuddling up next to us for the day, or turning around and gently hiting a visitor with their paw if they try to pet them more than once, lol, they keep us smiling.

Here are a few cute and funny cat videos that will definetely put a smile on your face.

Here is Cat Adele talking about her ex-boyfriend. :-)

This video shows ten of the most cutest cat moments, who knew that cats could play the piano. :-)

Bella searching for and finding her toy,we have to hide it sometimes or we won't be able to sleep, she's obsessed with that toy. lol.

In this funny cat video, a tabby cat seems to be having an interesting dream that he wants to share.

In this video, the kitten is trying to figure out if this is mommy or daddy? :-)

In this cat video, the cat is practicing for the NBA, and he's pretty good. :-)

A cat swimming, we couldn't believe our eyes, thought only dogs could swim. This is very rare though, most cats hate water, scratches on my husband's arms are evidence of that, had to give one of our cats a flea shampoo bath, she wasn't happy and after the scratches neither was he, lol.

In this cute cat video, cat mommy brings her kitten in for a close hug, who doesn't love or need a hug sometimes? :-)

A litle black kitten and a golden retriever enjoying their day together, who says dogs and cats can't be best friends.

Just had to add this video,short video but oh so cute. :-)

Very Cute Video, scary cat, lol.

Have you seen the two cats talking video? Here it is. :-)

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"There are few things in life more heartwarming than to be welcomed by a cat."