Cat Toys: A Guide To Buying Safe Durable Cat Toys For Your Cat

Cat Toys

Cat toys help to keep your cat entertained and healthy. Cats, just like humans, get bored and are much more likely to participate in mischievous behaviors when their not busy.

There are many toys on the market that are designed simple to entertain, encourage your cat's natural instinct to hunt and increase your cat's exercise.

Safety Comes First

When choosing and buying toys for your feline friend it's important to keep safety in mind. Some cat toys have very small parts that can easily fall off during your cat's active playing sessions, so it's best to remove those parts before allowing your cat to play with his/her new toy.

For example; the eyes on a remote control mice, it is important to check if it is just glued on, could it fall off when your cat is attacking it? If yes, you may still want to buy the toy, cats just love this toy, but remove the eyes and all removable parts before allowing your cat to play with it.

We have had to return a few toys because small parts would fall off under the pressure of our cat's play, it's important to watch your cat play with the toy a couple of times at first to make sure that small pieces that you didn't notice aren't falling off.

Small Plastic Balls

When buying plastic balls, which all cat owners know that cats love to roll around the house with their little paws, buy the soft plastic balls instead of the hard ones. The hard ones have the potentially to break if played with hard enough.

Also be careful of those balls that have smaller balls inside of them. Cats like them because the smaller balls usually makes a sound, however if the bigger ball is broken open , your cat may be able to swallow that small ball.

If you are going to buy a hard ball or a ball that has a smaller ball inside of it, we are guilty of buying those, make sure that this is a toy that is only played with when you are able to supervise your cat/cats.

Cat Toys

Long Tail Teaser Cat Toy

Most cats are big fans of the dangling fury tail toys. These toys usually require you to dangling the fury tail in the air meanwhille your cat tries to jump and catch it,lots of fun for your cat, and if this toy is left unattended you cat may continue to play with it.

However, cats can easily get tangled up in this toy, either around their bodies and even their necks, so it's important to supervise your cat and put this toy out of reach when your unable to supervise.Supervise your cats when they are playing with toys such as the dangling fury tails.

Cat Toys

Laser Pointer Toy

Although cats love this cat toy, we have two, the laser pointer can cause blindness if directed at your cat's eyes. It is safe to play with this toy, and once your cats start they will be addicted, however we wouldn't recommend allowing young children to play with this toy unsupervised with your cat/cats, this toy should either be used by adults or supervised when used by children and pointed at the walls or floors.

Flashlights are a better alternative for children to use, since it won't cause blindness if accidently pointed at your cat's eyes.

Strings Are Not For Cat's To Play With

We are so used to seeing cute kittens on television with balls of strings, cute on t.v., not cute in real life. Cats love to nipple and chew their toys, so it's quiet easy for them to swallow a piece of string.

This string can enter your cat's digestive system and cause blockage and injury. Keep strings away from your cat and buy them a safe cat toy instead that will keep them happy, safe and entertained.

Durability Is Important

We hate buying our cats a brand new cat toy, only to have it fall apart within a couple of days. Our cats love to play, and will actively play with their toys, throwing them all over our home, biting and pulling them, so it's important that a toy is strong enough to keep up with their playing.

When choosing a toy for your cat it's important to buy a toy that isn't just made out of cheap plastic or pieces that easily fall off that won't be able to with stand your active cat's playing.

Examine the toy carefully before giving it to your cat making sure that there aren't any pieces that can easily come off. Most toys will eventually need to be replaced due to natural wear and tear and hours of active play, but the longer a toy last is better for both your wallet and your cat.

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