Easy To Make Safe Homemade Cat Toys

Homemade cat toys are a cheap and easy way to keep your cat active and entertained. We have bought our cats several expensive cat toys which they either played with once or twice or simply investigated for a few minutes and decided they weren't interested.

Sometimes all the material you need to make a simple but fun cat toy is right in your home. Homemade cat toys save you money meanwhile still giving your cat hours of fun. Here are the steps to creating six easy to make cat toys.

Used for homemade cat toys

Bag O' Fun


  • 1 brown, paper grocery bag
  • Adult sized sock
  • Scissors

Step 1: Take a paper grocery bag and cut out the bottom.  

Step 2: Roll one clean adult-sized sock to form a ball.  

Step 3: Place the paper bag on its side and then place the ball inside of the bag.  

Step 4: Show your cat and let the fun begi

Note: Only use a paper bag, never use plastic bags to make homemade cat toys, they are unsafe for cat's who can easily get tied up in them.

Ball Trap


  • Tissue box
  • One golf-sized ball
  • Utility knife

Step 1: Use an empty tissue box and discard the plastic from the tissue box and any remaining pieces of material that the cat could choke on.  

Step 2: Use the utility knife to cut a small hole on the back of the box, but not large enough to allow the ball through.  

Step 3: Place the golf ball into the box through the open slit on top of the tissue box.  

Step 4: Shake the box to entice your cat to come play

Note: It's important to always remove any plastic or tape when making homemade cat toys, they could end up in your cat's mouth and may cause choking.

Used for homemade cat toys

Kitty Ball Pit

  • An 8" x 6" cardboard box (or one large enough to comfortably fit your cat)
  • 2 ping pong balls or two golf size balls
  • Utility knife

Step 1: Use a cardboard box that has a strong sealed bottom. Take the cardboard box and remove any packing tape or shipping labels because they could be a choking hazards to your cat.  

Step 2: Use the utility knife to carefully cut the top of the box off.  

Step 3: Cut a small hole on each side of the box, just so your cat can peep into the box.  

Step 4: Place the balls into the box.  

Step 5: Let your cat jump into the ball pit

Kitty Tunnel


  • Three golf size balls
  • Utility knife or box cutter
  • Four brown, paper grocery bags

Step 1: Cut out the bottoms of four paper grocery bags.  

Step 2: Link each grocery bag together by slipping one into the other to form a tunnel.  

Step 3: Take the balls and place them inside of the tunnel.  

Step 4: Place some catnip in the tunnel to entice your cat.  

Step 5: Let your cat enjoy exploring his or her new play zone

Note: If you have multiple cats, you may want to cut circular escape holes in the tunnel so cats won't feel trapped inside if another cat is blocking an exit.

used for homemade cat toys

Surprise Treat Box


  • Tissue box
  • Utility knife
  • Cat treats
  • Cat safe tape

Step 1: Take a standard tissue box and tape up the slit on top of the box.  

Step 2: Using the utility knife, cut about 4 small, round holes all over the box. Be sure to make them small enough to only fit a paw through.  

Step 3: Slip the cat treats in the box.  

Step 4: Let your cat have fun trying to get the treats out of the box!

Make sure to place healthy cat treats in your cat's homemade toy, to find out how to choose healthy cat treats for your cat visit Easy To Make Safe Homemade Cat Toys.

Rattle And Roll


  • Empty pill bottle
  • Three pistachios with the shell or three hard kidney beans

Step 1: Place the pistachios or kidney beans in the bottle  

Step 2: Tightly seal the cap of the bottle  

Step 3: Place the bottle in front of your cat and lightly hit it with your hands to encourage him/her to play with it

Note: We used pistachios because we had those on hand, we’ve also used kidney beans, however you could use other items that are hard to place in the bottle.

Make sure that the bottle has a cap that can be tightly sealed, very important. The bottle has never opened even with both our cats hitting it all over our home, however we still monitor them when their playing with this homemade cat toy.

used for homemade cat toys

Catnip Balls


  • Four pieces of computer paper
  • Catnip

Step 1: Take the paper and sprinkle some catnip in the center , then crumble it up firmly. Take another piece of paper and crumble it around that one to make one ball. Repeat again, you will end up with two balls.  

Step 2: Simply place the two balls in front of your cat and push them around with your hands to encourage play.

Note: This is a very simple homemade cat toy that our cats really enjoyed playing with, it was a so simple that I didn’t even think they would be interested, but they loved it.

If you want to introduce a new toy to your cat, but don't have the time to construct homemade cat toys, then paper grocery bags, cardboard boxes and a rolled up sock on their own can keep your cat happily entertained.

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