Blue Buffalo Cat Food Review

Blue Buffalo cat food comes in both dry and canned cat food, and is available for kittens, adults and mature cats. Their food comes in several different flavors and are considered to be a premium high protein food for cats.

Blue states that they only use healthy lean protein, vegetables, fruits and wholesome whole grains in their formulas. They never use meat by-priducts, which are basically theleftovers after the good parts are taken for humams.

Blue Buffalo cat food do not fill their cat food with corn wheat, soy or artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Within Blues hard food there are dark brown pieces, which are called them Lifesource bits. These bits contain a specific blend of vitamins, minerals and antioxxidants that are very potent and design to help support your cat's immune system and guide them through each stage of their life.

blue buffalo dry food for review

Blue Buffalo Dry Cat Food

Blue Buffalo offers four different types of dry food, which are Blue, Blue Longevity, Blue Wilderness, and Blue Basics.


Blue comes in one major flavor, chicken and brown rice formula and they also have for adult cats a salmon and brown rice recipe. Blue focus on meeting several different needs that cats may experince such as;finicky eaters, weight control, a specific formula for indoor cats and the newest one, sensitive stomachs. Blue is also available for kittens, adults and mature cats.

Blue Longevity

Blue buffalo cat food has designed a feeding system that begins with kitten, which is called Blue Longevity. There are three bags in the system, from kitten to senior, each bag has a specific formula to meet the needs of your cat at that stage in their life. According to the website The kitten formula focuses on muscle growth, building strong teeth and bones and cognitive development, meanwhile the adult formula focuses on a healthy skin and coat, lean muscle development and energy and the mature formula on joint health, lean muscle maintenance and energy to stay active.

Blue Wilderness

Blue wilderness has one additional flavor than the the other blues which is duck. This formula is higher in protein, gluten free and one hundred percent grain free.It also has a kitten and adult formula. Blue wilderness also has a weight control formula to help cats lose those extra pounds and maintain it, which we all know is the hardest part.

Blue Basics

Blue basic is only available for adult cats, and was designed for cats that experience food sensitivity. It comes in three flavors turkey and potato, fish and potato and duck and potato. Blue basic has less ingredients than their other dry food to decrease the chance of your cat reacting to an ingredient.

Price Range



The price ranges from $17.99 for a 3 pound bag, $26.99 for a 7 pound bag and $47.99 for a 15 pound bag. The price may be higher or lower depending on where you live.


The price ranges from $10.99 for 2.5 pounds, $18.99 for 6 pounds, and $33.99 for 12 pounds. The price may be higher or lower depending on where you live.


The price ranges form $10.99 for a 2.5 pound bag, and $18.99 for a 5.5 pound bag. The price may be higher or lower depending on where you live.


The price range from $18.99 for a 5 pound bag and $33.99 for a 11 pound bag. The price may be higher or lower depending on where you live.

What's Our Opinion Of Blue Buffalo Dry Food

Blue buffalo cat food ingredients always start off with 2-3 real meat, which is very important when buying any cat food. It is also great to know that they do not use any meat by-products, all cats deserve to eat nutritious protein and not just the left overs.

We like that they try to meet the different needs that cats may have, such as finicky eaters and weight control. However we find that the flavors for the first category, Blue, is very limited, it only comes in chicken for cats and salmon and chicken for adults.

Cats like a variety of flavors such as beef, duck, turkey, fish, so it would be good if they created more flavors, similar to the ones that their wet food has. Our cats were not big fans of the wilderness, in fact they didn't like it at all. However they loved the indoor cat and the adult salmon.

We have read and even have friends who's cats have not responded well to Blue Buffalo cat food , some have switch to Blue basic and their cats have had no problems with that formula,some have simple given their cats the wet food and a different type of hard food and others have completely switch. Blue buffalo cat food is like any other cat product,you have to find and use the product which works best for your cat.

Blue Buffalo Wet Cat Food

Blue Buffalo cat food, wet, comes in four different type, Blue Spa Select, Blue Bistro, Blue Wilderness, Blue Healthy Gourmet and Blue Basic.

Blue Spa Select

The Blue Spa comes in four flavors, turkey and chicken, savory salmon, temptimg tuna grill and savory seafood. They also have and assortment of vegetables in the ingredients. They come in both 3oz and 5.5 oz cans.

Blue Bistro

The Blue Bistro contains moist pieces of real meat, vegetables and lots of gravy. It comes in three flavors, chicken florentine, Beef Bourguignon and Herb roasted turkey.It's available in 3 oz cans.

Blue Wilderness

The Blue Wilderness is very similar to the dry food wilderness. It is one hundred percent grain free and high protein. It comes in kitten formula, chicken, turkey, salmon and duck. It's available in 3 oz cans.

Blue Gourmet

Blue gormet comes in either flaked or sliced. It comes in chicken, tuna, turkey, or salmon. It comes in 3 oz cans.

Blue Basic

Blue Basic is designed for cats with food sensitivity and contains less ingredient than the regualr cat food.It comes in turkey and potato and duck and potato and only in 3 oz cans.

Price Range

The cans range from $1.39 to $1.79 per can. The prices may be lower, lucky you, or higher depending on where you live.

What's Our Opinion Of Blue Buffalo Wet Food

Blue buffalo cat food, canned, comes in a variety of cat friendly flavors. Their ingredients also starts off with real meat and contains vegetables and some healthy whole grains. These cans are filled with gravy that our cats love to lick. Our cats love the healthy gourmet and to our surprise the bistro. They are not fans of the wilderness and didn't like the basic.

The basic has less gravy than the others and the gravy may be less flavorful becauae they just smelt it and walked away. Both the flaked and sliced have little pieces of vegetables that you can see and they lick their lips, the cutest thing to see, after they ate. The price is a bit more expensive than other cans of cat food, but it's a high protein premium cat food that's worth the extra money.

Our Cat's Favorite Flavor (They lick their lips after eating it, yes it's the cutest thing)

Paw Print

Out of a possible five paw prints we give blue buffalo cat food three. It is a product that we think is good and that we like. We liked the fact that their ingredients always start off with real meat and that they do not use meat by-products, but the limited flavors in hard food didn't impress us, as humans we get bored eating the same thing, so do cats. The fact that our cats simply wouldn't eat some of their products, like the basics and ate a bit of the wilderness and then wouldn't eat it again, also brought blue buffalo cat food paw prints down.

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