Symptoms And Treatments Of Feline Kidney Disease

Feline kidney disease is an illness that is often more seen in older cats. Although there is no specific cause of the disease, certain breed of cats are more susceptible to the disease, such as; Abyssinian, Burmese, Maine Coon, Persian, and Siamese. Pestisides and consuming antifreeze has also been linked to the cause of kidney failure in cats.

The kidneys plays several different important roles in both humans and cat's bodies, one of it's main job is to rid the body of toxins, by removing waste from our blood in the form of urine. The kidneys help to balance our bodies by keeping our blood clean and regulating the amount of water and salt in our blood.

Kidney failure is either classified as Acute Renal Failure, if it comes on suddenly, or Chronic Renal Failure, if it develops over time. Your vet will conduct both a urine and blood test to diagnose this disease.

feline kidney disease


Feline kidney disease has similar symptoms of other cat diseases such as diabetes, so it's important to take your cat to the vet right away once you notice these symptoms so that your vet can diagnose the ilness. Most of these symptoms are usually displayed in the later stages of the progression of the disease.

  • Drinking an excessive amount of water
  • Urinating alot
  • Vomiting
  • Weight loss
  • Loss of interest in grooming
  • Lethargy
  • Loss of appetite
  • Constipation
  • Inappropriate elimination or urinating outside the litter box

iv bag for feline kidney disease


Due to the importance of the kidney and the multi jobs that it performs, treatment in feline kidney disease is intense and requires treating several different problems that results from kidney failure.




As a result of excessively urinating,one of the symptoms of feline kidney disease, and your cat's kidneys no longer regulating the amount of water in their body, your cat may require intravenous in an hospitalized environment. Intravenous is where a needle is placed in your cat's vein and connects to a source filled with fluid that consistently goes into your cat's body, this is a miore severe approach depending on how dehydrated and sick your cat is.

Your vet may also recommend you replicate the intravenus at home, a needle is placed under your cat's skin, allowing fluid to consistently flow in to their body throughout the day, which helps to eliminate waste product and hydrates your cat.



As a result of the disease your cat's appetite will be extremely poor, they might have lost all interest in eating. Your vet will recommed a prescribe brand of food that is easily digested, resulting in a reduced amount of waste build up in your cat's blood. There are many different types of kidneY diet food on the market, so it may require you to try several ones to find one that your cat will like.

This type of prescribed food is normally lower in protein, sodium and phosphorus, and helps provide the extra nutrients and vitamin your cat needs. Your vet may also recommened a home cooked diet, where vitamins are added. A homemade diet would be required to moderately restrict protein, using only the highest quality meats such as chicken breast, turkey and salmon.Discuss with your vet what's the best dietary approach for your cat.



Vitamins Supplement

A cat with feline kidney disease loses alot of the essential vitamins they need as a result of excessively urinating and sometimes vomiting.Iron supplements helps your cat's body build more red blood cells,meanwhile potassium and vitamin B supplements also help in replacing the vitamins that your cat's body is losing and needs.



Your vet may also recommend medication to improve your cat's blood pressure,since the kidney are responsible for maintaining a normal blood pressure, and to decrease the amount of protein that leaves your cat's body through their urine. Sometimes it can be very difficult to administer to your cat, to find out several effective ways to give your cat medication read Cat Medicine: Creative Ways To Administer Medicine To Your Cat.

Is A Kidney Transplant Possible

Although cat kidney transplant is rare, it is possible for your cat to get a transplant. Both your cat and the cat donating the kidney,must be free of other medical problems and be in relatively good health.

The procedure is also quiet expensive, literally thousands of dollars,in addtion to the monthly expense of medications. The procedure is none in only a few clinics, ask your vet for a recommendation.To find out about other cat health problems read Common Cat Health Problems.

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