How To Finally Get Rid Of Cat Litter Odor

Oh my, what's that horrible smell? oh it's the cat litter. Cat litter odor can often be very difficult to get rid of and cause a very unpleasant scent in your home. Changing your litter daily can be both expensive and time consuming, and toilet training your cat still only happens in the movies, so how do we get rid of that horrible scent? Below is a list of different ways to keeps your home free of cat litter odor, try and see which one works best for you.

picture of arm and hammer cat litter for cat odor

Buy A Better Type Of Litter

Now we know that everyone wants to save money on cat litter, and if you see a big bag of litter for an amazing price why wouldn't you buy it? One of the problems with cheaper litter is that they don't provide the same odor protection as more expensive litters do.

If your using a litter that's cheap and you don't have a odor problem that's great, but if you do have a cat litter odor issue it's time to look into buying a more expensive brand that helps to keep your house smelling fresh. Even if you only have one cat, the cat litters for multi cat households are usually good to use, for example Fresh Step and Feline Pine are good brands that offer good odour protection.

Some silica crystals also are good at preventing odor, some crystals have little beads in them that are just for that purpose. To find out more about the different types of litters that you can use read Cat Litter: Which One Is Best For Your Cat?

picture of liners to help prevent cat litter odour

Use A Liner

Liners are basically plastic bags with drawstrings that were designed to be place at the bottom of your litter box before pouring in the litter. They can be bought at any pet store for approximately 4-5 dollars for a box of 12.

Liners help to protect your litter box from getting scratched by your cat claws, if scratched the odor and bacteria can get into the scratch and remain there. We've used liners for years, and they not only aid in preventing odor, they make it easy to clean the litter, you just pull the drawstring and the litter is in a bag ready to be thrown out.

picture of open cat litter box

Replace Your Plastic Litter Box

Your cat's nails are design to caught and kill a prey,and they are also great at putting little scratches into their litter box.If you notice that there are sractches in your cat's plastic litter box, and you have cat litter ador, this might be causing the problem.

The adour goes into the scratches and remains there, so it's time to replace your litter box and consider buying liners. There are many different types of cat litter boxes, to find out if there is a better type for your home read Cat Litter Box: Finding The Perfect One

Pour Enough Litter

It's important to pour enough litter into the box so that your cat has enough to cover up their waste after using the litter. Your cat is trying to help you prevent cat litter odor by covering up after, however if there isn't enough litter in the box, they can't do their job.

picture of baking soda to prevent cat litter odour

Use Baking Soda

This is a popular technique to get rid of cat litter odor and it works. Simple sprinkle a thin layer of baking soda in your cat's litter box before pouring in the litter,this with regularly scooping and changing the litter will help to prevent odor.

Change Litter Regularly

It's important to change the litter in your cat's litter box one to two times per week. This really depends on what type of litter and how many cat's are using the litter box, however the litter shouldn't be change any less than once a week. This will help in preventing any cat litter odor.

Scoop Often

Your cat should never have to use a dirty litter, in fact if it's dirty on a regular basis eventually they will stop using it. It's important to scoop as soon as you notice that your cat have used the bathroom, both to keep it clean for your cat and to prevent odor.

picture of dry cat food

Your Cat's Diet

Cat's that eat cheap poor quality cat food, which are filled with fillers, usually have smeller stools. It's important to feed your cat high quality premuim cat food, both for their health and in the prevention of a smelly litter.To read more on the different kinds of cat food visit Cat Food: What's Your Cat Eating? To find out how to choose the best dry food for your cat read Dry Cat Food: How To Choose The Healthiest One For Your Cat

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