Cat Grooming Supplies: A Guide On How To Choose The Safest And The Best Ones

As important as it is to regularly groom your cat, it is just as important to use cat grooming supplies that are both safe and high quality. Both online and in stores you can easily buy cheap grooming supplies, however sometimes cheap equals low quality. Most cats do not enjoy the grooming process, so it's essential to buy high quality supplies that work well without causing pain or discomfort. Below we will discuss how to choose the best cat grooming supplies.

Cat grooming cat brush

The Right Brush

If you walk around in your local pet store you will find that there are many different types of cat grooming supplies. Cat brushes come in many different sizes,styles and even colour, we bought two pink ones for our girls.

When looking for a cat brush it really depends on if your cat has long or short hair. For long hair cats it's best to buy a pin or wire brush, or a comb that has coarse teeth on one side and fine on the other.

This type of brush and comb will help to prevent knotting and matting of your long hair cat's fur. Long hair cats require more time and effort to keep their hair looking shiny and healthy, than short hair cats.

A brush with fine wire bristles helps to keep your short hair cat fur looking well kepted without scratching their skin. If your short hair cat doesn't like the feeling of the wire bristles, there are brushes with plastic tips at the end of each teeth which might be more comfortable for your cat.

Do not buy brushes with hard plastic bristles, they can easily cause both pain and discomfort to your cat. Make sure the brush is easy to use and clean, your cat's brush should be cleaned after each brushing by removing the shedded furs and washing the brush with some cat shampoo.

You might need to try several different brushes to find one that not only works well but that your cat will tolerate. Look for brushes that look and feel strong and durable, because once you find one that one magic brush that your cat doesn't mind too much, then you will want that brush to last for years.

cat nail clipper

Cat Nail Clippers

When it comes to cat grooming supplies,finding the perfect cat nail clippers is vey important. Clipping your cat's nails at home can sometimes be a difficult task, but extremely necessary. It's important to get a nail clipper that is easy to use, easy to clean and is durable and safe.

Most cats will allow you to clip their nails, even if they put up a bit of a fuss at first, however one bad incident where clipping their nails causes them injury can make a willing cat into an angry hissing cat.

Make sure to get a clipper with stainless steel blades and comfortable handlees that you feel comfortable clipping with. We are big fans of the Guillotine style clipper, where when you squeeze the handles two blades come together and created a circle, then the metal trimmer clips your cat's nails.

Most vets also use this type of cat nail clipper, which we find is easy to use and usually gets the job done quickly, but remember to only clip the tip. To learn how to clip your cat's nails at home read Cat Grooming:Helping Your Cat Look And Feel Their Best, where there's a great video under clipping your cat's nails. The other type of nail clippers is the sissors type,it's called that because it resembles your household sissors. This clipper requires you to place the cat's nails through the semi-circles and then close the handles to cut the nails. You might have to try both of these cat grooming supplies to see which one works best for your cat.

picture of cat toothbrush

Cat Tooth Brush

Although many cat owners do not brush their cat's teeth, it really is an important part of your cat's dental health. Brushing your cat's teeth regularly helps to prevent tatar build up which causes gingivities.There are two types of cat toothbrushes, the type that looks very simmilar to our own toothbrushes and the finger cot style brushes.

Although we've tried both, the finger cot brush is one of our favorite cat grooming supplies. You simply place the toothbrush on you index finger, add some of your cats favorite floavored toothpaste and then, here comes to not so easy part, place your finger in your cat's mouth and begin to rub gently back and forth brushing their teeth.

Our best advice is to be very patient with this process, start by just showing your cat the toothbrush with the paste, let him or her taste the paste, some cat's take to this quickly and others take a lot long before their comfortable.Choose a toothbrush that is simle and looks easy to use, because they do have some complicated looking ones out there, and that both you and your cat are comfortable with. Brushing your cat's teeth regularly can help to prevent many cat dental problems, to find out more about different dental problems cats experience and how to keep their teeth healthy read Cat Dental Health Problems And How To Prevent Them.

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